Niimbot™ Portable Wireless Label Printer


Improve Skin in 2 weeks

Money-Back Guarantee

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Small and Portable!

Weight 208g | Palm Size | Battery 1200mAh

Bluetooth | 10m Effective Range

We Make Label Making FUN!

You can use different fonts, shapes, icons to design your label. Your phone photos or images from the internet can be imported to make the design more unique!

Full Language Support

It supports all language printing. Yes! All! If you can type in in any phone, you can print it with the app

Available Fonts









Thermal Printing Tech

It just takes a printer and thermal paper to print. No more changing ink / carbon band / cartridge.

No Ink, No Mess.

How To Use?

Download Our App on Any Device, iPhone or Android. Simply scan the QR code in the box to download the app!

Connect Your Phone And Print Anything From Text, Symbols, Numbers, And Much More!

It's Organizers' Dream

You Can Be Organized like Monica