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Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp (USB & Wooden Base)

Improve the light and energy of any space with a natural Himalayan salt lamp.

Each and every natural Himalayan salt lamp is hand-carved and sits securely atop a wooden base. The hollowed-out core houses a low-wattage bulb, steadily exuding a serene and warm glow that immediately fills any room.

When lit, this beautiful one-of-a-kind salt lamp radiates a soft warm peaceful amber glow, like a campfire.

The heated Salt Crystal emits negative ions which trap air pollutants, allergens & dust. This creates a soothing and calming effect that helps you naturally.

100% ORIGINAL: Himalayan salt lamps are originally handmade by experts craftsmen from Pakistan. Extract the salt from the Himalayan range. Every piece is unique. They may vary in size and tone of color.

Light: Every lamp we market goes with your cable and your 15W bulb. Do not keep it in wet places, we do not recommend led bulbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Bernardo Brown
Makes Everything Perfect Forever

Everything has improved since I bought this lamp; my horrible skin condition cleared up, my eyes turned from brown to blue, I only need to sleep 5 minutes a night, I draw energy directly from the Cosmos (so I do not need to eat anymore), and I am routinely ravished by supermodels. My dog even came back to life. Granted he still smells pretty bad, but hey 95 out of 100.

It's also a pretty orange nightlight. Well done.

Ludie Collins
Lamp Lit--Emotions Relaxed!!!

This lamp (for lack of a more fantastic word) is everything as described and pictured. It is large, heavy, beautiful wooden base, dimmer to subtle room light. I use it day and night. Might be all in my head, although I don't think so, But, I feel emotionally much more at ease with a clearer thought process. I have solved issues that I have put off for months. I have it in my living/dining area--But, will be ordering another or maybe a pair

Cristal Glover
This really works!

Have this on my mantle in the living room and I leave it on all the time. I love it! The ambiance is really nice, relaxing...and I am experiencing some positive effects, such as reduced allergy symptoms and improved mood! I know it sounds a little crazy and I'm not normally one that buys into that stuff, but this thing REALLY does work. I'm probably going to be getting another for my bedroom!

Katelynn Casper
Himalayan Salt Lamps are FANTASTIC!!!

I have purchased 2 so far and LOVE them. These Salt Lamps are Authentic and they sweat like they are supposed to. I have already noticed a huge difference with using them in our home. I can't wait to add a couple more in some additional rooms.

Brionna Hahn
Health Benefits

I bought 2 of these as gifts this year, but it's because my son bought me one last year and I'm convinced this has kept me healthy in many ways. Having COPD for 18 years, I always get bronchitis and/or pneumonia at least once a year. Even though I've had my flu and pneumonia vaccination I always get it. Since having this amazing lamp I have not been sick with anything! Not in a year! Do the research on this, what you find is all true about this lamp! I love it!!